The world's most inspiring explorers summit.

The Explorers Club, in partnership with Expanding World, is navigating to new horizons with a global summit intended to bring together the world in the search for the unexplored.

James Garvin - Nasa Chief Scientist

The GLEX Summit

The Global Exploration Summit (GLEX) was created around the commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Magellan’s Circumnavigation and turned to be the most inspiring explorers meeting where the elite of explorers, scientists and researchers from the most varied areas of knowledge, will share with the public the latest discoveries, the most innovative technologies and the new and future missions that promise to revolutionize the future of exploration and humanity.

The Explorers Club and Expanding World continue to sail to new horizons with the fourth edition of the summit, aiming to bring the world together in search of the unexplored, preserving the pledge signed in the first edition with the Lisbon Declaration, where all participants committed to an effort to inspire the world to protect our planet, reconnect with nature and preserve its most pristine habitats, and accelerate the sharing of scientific knowledge.

The Lisbon Declaration

“We pledge our commitment to exploration in the pursuit of scientific understanding for the betterment of humanity and all life on earth and beyond. We treasure our planet, its life and respect the cultures that inhabit it, and dedicate our efforts to mitigating climate change, preventing the extinction of species and cultures, and preserving the health of our lands and oceans”.

Lisbon Declaration
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